Thursday, 5 July 2012

About Sunday

I'm sitting here on the sofa in the green room. All the other kids are sitting in the living room watching an episode of the Waltons. Ive just finished a brew and now i'm ready to write. I'll start with a picture..
 This picture doesn't have anything to do with what I'm gonna write.. i just thought it was cool ;-)

On Sunday the youth lead the service, which was like really fun. Each one of the youth played a part, whether they sang, read a bible passage, shared a testimony, shared communion, or whatever. Yeh it was a good day. 
But oh, the build up to Sunday - we were all nervous, well, i certainly was, on the Saturday when we did the last practice, i felt physically sick and couldn't eat anything. 
Not a nice feeling.

I had to write a testimony and share it in the service, that was the problem, i had to stand, on my own, with a microphone, on stage, in front of the whole congregation and i hate public speaking! Eee! 
But on the Sunday it was like amazing because as i got up to speak, i just felt so much peace, i knew that God was with me, so as i stepped towards the microphone stand, i took a deep breath and said like the shortest prayer ever in my head then i began my testimony. We'll ignore the bit about not being able to look at anybody and staring at the paper the whole time. 'Cus hey, im still learning!
 (my testimony, id rather you didnt try to read it :-P)

Oh, and heres another cool thing, we all (well the girls) wore the same top, that we'd brought the day that was aweomse.
 The WILD stands for - "Walking in (the) Lord's direction" Neat huh?
We all wore like loads of bracelets too, we just did silly, girly, fun stuff, lol. :-)

So yeh, Sunday was just the-bomb-dot-com.

That's all im writing for now. Im due-for-a-brew.


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