Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sneaky brothers

Hello people,
Umm, this post is kind of awkward. The last post on my blog, ya know, the one about being in love.... yeh, that was not posted by me. You see, I have this older brother who likes to play tricks on me and yesterday he decided to hack into my blog somehow and write a post, apparently it's payback for all the times I've posted silly statuses on his facebook page. Fair enough I guess! I was confused when i started getting all these emails asking me to confirm so many comments on my blog on a post i hadn't even wrote, I'll admit, I did laugh when i read the post ;-)
But, thank you all for your comments! You guys were obviously really keen to find out who this mystery guy was! Well, one day i hope that i get the chance to tell you about someone I'm in love with, but until then, you'll have to put up with my other ramblings!
Hope you have a lovely day!




  1. Haha I was just about to comment on that post like 30 times xD sneaky siblings! We gotta love 'em!!!

    1. Haha, yes, the best thing to do when a sibling does something like this, is just simply...laugh!

      Saff xo

  2. Ahhhh....stinky brothers *humps* Oh well :) I thought you sounded a little funny... Hehehehe. Sorry about getting hacked though, my brother has no wish to hack my blog thank goodness! Going to reply to your email now! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. I know right, ah well. Haha, not it's fine!
      Thanks, got ya email :-)

      Safff xo


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