Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Living in dreams

Hello. I can smell fish fingers, which made me think about blogging, so here i am. hmm.

I'm sitting in the green room (again). My sisters are in here too, watching Sister Act 2, which seems to be film of the month in the Wilson household right now. Seriously, i think they watch it like everyday. But i admit, it is a good film. :-) Oliver is.. eating. Mum and dad are sitting in the other room having a bit of time together - watching a movie and eating a curry, aww. Little dude (Solomon) is upstairs, in bed, sleeping. Cute. I wonder what he's dreaming about.

So, my check list for this evening:

: Drink tea :
: Make big, bright posters :
: Continue to draw random pretty things on my wall :
: Write in my diary :
: Read another chapter of Nurture :
: Tidy my clothes away :
: Take pictures of little siblings asleep :
: Eventually go to sleep myself :

I'll leave you with this..
   x x x

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