Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Its snowed...

Yes, we've finally had some snow here! Not a great lot, but enough for us to say, "It's snowed". Here it doesn't look quite as magical as in that picture above but i guess it's getting there, kind of.
I started the day off being woken by a horrible sound at 7am, my alarm clock. Pulled on my spotty pink slippers and went downstairs. I drank 2cups of tea, then went back upstairs and got ready for college. I unusually like Tuesdays, but today i just felt tired, ah. I could blame it on myself  for not going to bed earlier but i won't.
It;'s now 10:44pm, but i can get away with staying up later tonight because i have no college tomorrow (ohyehh!). Even though it's still probably not the best idea to be drinking any energy drinks, at this time, bit stupid of me really.. oops, never mind.
Anyway this post seems to be going off in different directions.
I should end it.
Pray, pray and pray some more!
Hug and out xoxo


  1. Lucky you! We've had only two somewhat decent snowfalls here (which isn't saying much at all). Tuesdays are nice, aren't they? :) xo m

    1. ah well, it sounds like you've had more snow than me! Yes, i do like Tuedays :-)

      Saff xo


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