Monday, 25 June 2012


I do believe that simple things really matter.

If i was quite honest with you, i deeply hunger for simplicity. In every part of my life.

Lately, ive been thinking about how much 'things' take away my time, how i never make being still and quiet a priority. I rush around trying to stick to schedules, plans or whatever and dont even realise. Everything seems to take so much effort and time, trying to make everything go right and perfect. 
I so desperately want it all to work out, yet i dont stop and breathe and think about things enough. I want to spend time pondering on things and praying about them. 

I want to go to there, simple. When we'd smile at little things. Where nothing would get complicated and messy. Where things wouldn't clutter. Where things wouldn't take our time up. Where we can just walk, and think and pray and have peace. 


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