Saturday, 28 January 2012


Hey, I've had a lot to do lately..






practising piano,

drinking cups of tea,

making hard decisions

...and lots of other stuff which I think is best if I leave the rest out or I'll be going on forever.

I'm even to busy to be doing this blog post now, because what I should be doing right now, is sleeping. I haven't managed to do that very well these past few weeks, and believe me. With all the stuff I've been doing I need my sleep!

So, anybody? does anybody want to do a guest post on here for me quite soon? Please. It can be about anything, I don't mind who does it, I don't even mind if more than one of you lovely people want to do one for me, because you know what? That's even better!

Just let me know if you can by either commenting below or emailing me at:

I guess I should sleep now, my eyes are heavy.

You are beautiful (pass it on)


  1. I love that verse Saff! I have it on my wall :) Life has been busy for me too. I hope you can get the chance to rest. Whenever you need me to do another post for you let me know! ~Hugs~
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Yes, its a great verse! So im not the only one who's been busy. Aww, thank you! I will. :-)
    You are beautiful (pass it on.)
    Saff x


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