Bucket list

Pull an all nighter

Go somewhere public in my pjs

Jump into a lake with my clothes on

Have a movie marathon with friends

Ride on a motorcycle

Go to Africa!

Go a whole day without speaking

Make a cheesecake

Foster a child

Go on a camping weekend with friends

Make ice-cream

Jump out of an airplane (for charity)

Ride on an elephant

Save someone's life

Climb a mountain

Hold a tarantula

Eat a whole spoonful of marmite

Sleep under the stars

Go in a hot air balloon

Go on a cruise

Wear the perfect red dress

Live in a hut (temporarily)

Go to China

Eat a whole olive

High five someone..in the face...accidentally....on purpose

Watch a live surgical operation

Make Turkish delight

Read the whole bible

Learn to say "Hello" in 10 languages

Pray for a sick person and witness there healing

Fill a room full of balloons then lock all of my friends in the room with the light off

Have "the guy" put a pretty ring on my finger and say, "Marry me?"

Sucessfully blow a huge bubble with bubble gum and not have it burst on my face

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