Wednesday, 25 May 2011


 mmmmmm.... today as part of a home-schooling activity, i made scones with Sian and Solomon, it was great fun :-)

While they were in the oven Sian and Solomon were non-stop asking me "when are they gonna be done?", "can we eat them yet?", "are they ready yet?" and i had to constantly say to them "NO, NO, NO, THEY ARE NOT READY YET, NOW GO AND SIT DOWN!" 

So when they were finally ready to be taken out of the oven, you should have seen the big, proud grins on there faces.

We had them with whipped cream and jam, yum yum. :) they were delightful!!


  1. Wow! Those look delicious! I LOVE baking!:)

  2. yepp they were yummy! thanks for following my blog Mary! xx

  3. used to make these now i just buy 'em, too lazy and impatient to make my own hahahaha


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