Saturday, 3 September 2011

'My big holiday post with lots of pictures'

We had a wonderful time doing loads of wonderful stuff at loads of wonderful places!
Whether we were playing sports or playing games in the camp field...
 or sitting and chilling on the beach while the little ones play in the sea or build sandcastles...

Oh and we got to sit around a camp fire eating yummy toasted marshmallows which i happen to LOVE!
I always think that without toasting marshmallows on a fire while your camping doesn't make your holiday complete. Everybody loves marshmallows, right? especially toasted marshmallows!! mmmm :)

 .....and then also 'the little ones' and remember i said the little ones went to play in the river - yes in the river!
 a few more picture collages......
Anyway as i mentioned earlier about the 'little ones playing and swimming in the river' - 
i didnt- i decided to sit and watch and take photos and admire the view....  :)   :)

Don't y'all just love holidays?? especially with all ya family! lunch out, seaside, shopping, sunshine, barbecues!! :) I LOVE IT XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Anyway your probably thinking- Saff, erm why have you put all the pictures together like collages? well i can explain, we had such a good time and there was so many moments that i wanted to capture and keep forevvvvvver, so i just took loads and loads and tons and tons of pictures-actually i think altogether i took about 300 pics!! so i thought it would be best to out the pictures together as there are so many i wanted to show you. Here's a few more pictures for you! just because i love you!

*sorry about the quality of all the photos* *i know some of them are kinda blurry* *oops!*

So thats my holiday post out of the way-finally!
Did you go on holiday anywhere?


  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad to see you had such a good time :)

  2. We went to Florida in April and we a couple hours away before and after that. It sure looks like it was a wonderful vacation and so pretty!Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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