Sunday, 4 September 2011


.....I love you - you know that
You know everything about me - you know that
I want to live my life for you - you know that
I try to be more like you - you know that

So Lord, please, please, I ask, will you help me to love you more and will you help me to know that you know me inside-out and will you help me to live my life for you and will you help me to be more like you? please?

Lord, You love me - i know that
I dont know everything about you - but i want too
You know i try to live my life for you - would you help me?
You know that i try to be more like you - would you direct my paths?


Guys, i know that i only did a post on here yesterday but i really felt like i needed to do this - I've been very emotional lately and I've just been wanting to cry - I'm not sure what its all about but I'm just thankful that we have a wonderful saviour who loves us and forgives us no matter what.
Pray for me please?

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  1. Lord, I pray that you will strengthen Saff and just help her to feel safe and in your loving, caring arms. To give her reassurance and to show her your lvoe for her.She is such a wonderful friend and such a beautiful princess of your court.Please bless her in every way...
    Thank you.
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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