Saturday, 15 September 2012

Midnight Musings - 2

I dont really care that its not exactly midnight yet. It sure does feel like it.
Here we go.

- Midnight musings post are really fun, i can be random and silly and nobody cares

- I have multi-coloured nail varnish on right now 
- Guy made me print lots of music but i kept printing it wrong like 4 times 
- My eyes feel a bit sore
- I love white chocolate chip cookies 
- I like nice perfume  
- God's showing me a lot about having authority over 'bad stuff'
- I talked to myself a lot yesterday cus i got bored but then i got embarrassed so i stopped
- I had a *ahem* slight disagreement with my sister today 
- Spent all afternoon wondering why my eye felt so weird then realised i had an eyelash on my eyeball
- I'm really tired
- I need another cookie 
- I wrote a song the other day about caterpillars cus i just felt like it 
- I love the WILD church youth
- I'm playing piano in worship tomorrow (yikes!) 
- I need to go to bed

.....and on that last note, i think i will. Good night. Flippers flip too much because jammy yam. Hey, its midnight, i can be as random as i want. ;-)


  1. Your so pretty, Saff dear! Love this list!

  2. aww, so are you! Thank you <3 Saff xox


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