Monday, 6 August 2012

Midnight Musings - 1

This is the time when I'm starting to get really tired and i started talking about random things and silly things that simply make no sense at all. I've noticed I've started doing it a lot lately, sometimes I'm talking to my brother and ill come up with the most weirdest comment and then my brothers just like, "Saff, you really ought to go to bed." and I'm like, "Yeah." So off i go.

At the minute I'm trying to eat a delicious bowl of strawberry ice-cream(thank you Ollie!) without getting brain freeze. I got back from the prayer meeting about half an hour you know what.. I'm really tired..i only got back from New Wine yesterday and were all going on holiday again tomorrow morning - camping in Criccieth, so i really need sleep, because I've got to get up early in the morning.
So, yeah, i think its time for a few random-cool pictures i found. :-)

 nails art | Tumblr
 Cutemiau | tumblr (weheartit - ANIMETIAN)

Slike sa zida
 vans | Tumblr
teenage posts | Tumblr

Hi. Hey. I'm Someone.

Ok, so now im really really really tired, so tired that i might collapse (even though im sitting down)
and i gotta be up early tomorrow and my bed is screaming for me, literally, or im screaming for my bed, one of the two. My ice cream has now melted because if forgot about and left it while i was looking for pictures. Ah well.

Anyway good night all.

P.s - dont know if i can blog while im away, so it may be a while before i bore you with anymore ramblings.
P.p.s - I was planning on doing a post all about new wine but i havent had time to, i only got back yesterday, by the way, it was awe-some! I will still do the post though sometime after i get back. Bye x


  1. Hey beautiful lady :-)
    I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award – I hope you will accept it and enjoy it for awhile. I truly find your writings inspiring!! See my post, entitled Inspiring Blogger Award (, 07.08.2012, for details.


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