Saturday, 15 June 2013

God will be your armor

"There's a purpose to living. There's a purpose for all the good things you feel in life and all the suffering. But don't let the hurt be your focus. It's boring. Enjoy life and find your friends. Hug them like you've never hugged in years. Take moments and stop them in their tracks, only to marvel at them. Remember pain, but only to laugh at it and learn from it. Forget what others have done to you and move on. If they don't like how you float, then sink them. Every day is a a new song to the Lord. Sing it like you've never wanted to be quiet in all your days. Climb those mountains: shout His praise; speak the words that sting and stab at the limbs of dragons. Get out of your foxhole and face the heat of fire and the hurt of life, until you can't walk. Break all your limbs; limbs can be replaced. If speaking the Truth cuts, then let the blades and knives fly; God will be your armor." - Daniel Wilson

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