Wednesday, 26 June 2013

So like, I'm shattered.

I'm really shattered, like, just to get my point across, i'm shattered, okay people? Shattered.

Ha! I sound like an emotional wreck who's about to end their life or something, ha, actually thats not really funny but yeh. I'm actually just experiencing the consequences and after effects of lack of sleep. Because, I have this not-so-good habit of being like a teenager and staying up till silly o'clock in the morning doing plain nothing. Yeh, it's not that cool really, not when I have to face the dark rings below my eye sockets that appear in the morning. Not pretty.

However, on a high note, I'm estatic to say that I officially finish my first year of college tomorrow. How time has flown! So i'll get around nine to ten weeks off, which is brilliant. I've no plans whatsoever yet but no doubt i'll get up to my fair share of adventures! So as from Monday i've had my last few days of colllege, it's just been a mad rush, with annoying squeels of excitement from new students coming up and then the constant groans from the current students (ie, me). But harrahh, it'll soon be over, which means i'll be able to make more trips to starbucks (winner!) and be able to stay in bed longer in the morning, hah, yes.

   ^ That just looks, ahh, too lovely. I'm in need of that.^

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