Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writing, camping and biscuits.

Last Saturday we left the house early and set off to this place above. Yes, we went camping :-) We planned to stay until this Saturday but the weather forecast said that rain was coming so we opted to pack up early and go, so we arrived home late last night. Regardless of the early departure, it was lovely, I had plenty of time to play badminton and sunbathe and walk and browse around the town and eat lots of food. Fab.
When I got home last night, I expected to be shattered and to fall into a messy sleepy heap onto my bed, but I didn't. Instead I attempted to go to sleep but I was freezing, so I sat on my bed and shivered and dazed out for a while, then I got up, grabbed a cardigan and went downstairs and made a brew. Once back in my room, I rooted through my bag to see what was in there for whatever reason that was and I found  a pack of biscuits, winner! So I sat on my bed drinking tea and eating biscuits like a fatty and didn't care. Eventually in the early hours of the next day I went to sleep, properly, officially. Yes.
So now I'm awake, it's a new day and I'm actually not tired at all. I'm trying to figure out my new horrible college timetable and sort through lots of boring emails from people that I don't know...
So, once that's all sorted I shall sit at my piano and play lots of noisy songs, without care of what it sounds like, because hey! I haven't played my piano in a week and boy have I missed it. So there we go. 
Have a blessed day and forgive my pointless rambling, but I've got to let it out somewhere ;-)


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