Sunday, 5 May 2013


Been spending too much time messing around on the internet and talking to absolutely everybody about the most random topics instead of revising for exams (first one on Thursday, agh!). Been eating like erm way too much cake, like more than one piece, more than two pieces, yeh ill not tell you how much exactly..
Been drinking cups after cups of tea. Been seriously craving the beach now the sun is here! Been getting too over-emotional about too many little things.. Also been laughing a lot, but not too much, because you can never laugh too much!...Been listening to songs like this, this and this repeatedly!
Been going to bed a lot later than I probably should be and then wondering why my eyes look so saggy and old in the morning. Been praising God in my bedroom whenever i feel like it, and by praising i mean, "trying" to dance along to worship songs and singing at the top of my voice, regardless of what the neighbours or the rest of my probably cringing family think. ;-)
Praising God is so important, no matter how well you can sing, dance, play an instrument. Don't worry! 'Ain't nobody got time for dat!
Basically, life is good. And 'imma keep living it.
Love yous,

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