Sunday, 12 May 2013

Yesterday, I fell in love

Yesterday, I went to a conference center in Derby with some cool people who go to my church. I was going to lead worship with a guy their at a meeting in the evening. The journey was slow and quiet, well, so it seemed. There were plenty of voices around, as the little group of us who went all traveled in the same vehicle, the church mini bus. However, my mind was away-away. It was playing over chords to the music I'd be playing and I was wondering how I'd be able to stay awake as I was already so tired and the day wasn't even in full swing yet.
When we arrived at the conference center. We went for drinks and greetings and then were escorted to the beautiful chapel that the meeting was taking place in. As I walked through the chapel doors, I followed my eyes around the beautiful room, the lovely lights and big windows and wooden surrounding and then my eyes caught onto something else which I could not seem to stop looking at. Their, in the far corner of the room was a absolutely beautiful old grande piano.
I ran to it, ignoring everyone else in the room. I stood there bent over its case, just in awe of it and I was literally stroking it like a weirdo. Then the man who showed us to the room and who was going to be leading the meeting said to me, "You can have a play if you like." How I remained standing I don't know. I pulled a chair to the piano and lifted the lid. Keys. Lots of lovely piano keys. I gently pressed one down and oh the sound. It was different to an ordinary piano or keyboard, somewhat fresher and more individual, I don't know, but I loved it. I began to play more notes and let my fingers loose for a little while. Every time I stepped away from it, I wanted to go back. I was in love.
So there, if you'd like to get me a present anytime, a Grande piano will do just nicely. ;-)

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  1. Ooh, sounds lovely and beautiful all wrapped together :D


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