Sunday, 21 April 2013

Myself, me, who I am.

One or two of my friends and my sister has commented on how "depressing" my posts are. Yikes. Sorry! Are they really? Ah, it's just that most of the time when I begin to write a blog post, I have nothing planned, I just write as the words come, sometimes they are really heart felt and personal to me, or sometimes they are just thoughts that are going through my head that seem to want to end up on my computer screen. So, goodness, I'm sorry if I do go all deep and weird and sad and all that. I'm not some hopeless, depressed little girl in England. Even though that's how I probably sound to you in most of my posts! Anyway, look, I'm rambling again.
I thought I'd do a little post, basically, just telling you a little bit more about me, what I like, things that I relate to. Just myself, me, who I am.

So, I am a dreamer. Not really a night-dreamer, as in, an in-my-sleep-dreams kinda dreamer. Nahh. More of a day time dreamer. I tend to just sit there staring at a random object in the room or a person, which is seriously awkward when I come back to reality and realise. I just get lost in thoughts and then my thoughts play out photos and I imagine things and yeh anyway, moving on.

If you've ever gone shopping with me, then you'll know I do this. Just ask my sister. I already have loads of make-up, too much really. And yet, I'll still go into a shop and see a fruity lip-balm or a sparkly eye-shadow palette and I'll buy it. Then as I hold tight to the new cosmetic and make my way to the counter, I'm fighting with the two sides of my brain, the girly-girl silly side and the realistic side. Half of me is shouting, "BUY BUY BUY!" then the other half is saying, "Saff, you already have tons of makeup, you don't need this, put it back."... the girly-girl silly side always seems to win the argument though....hehe.
I laugh to much, seriously. It's embarrassing sometimes though, because the joke will be over and everyone else will have stopped laughing and I'm just sitting there like a freak with my eyes watering and unable to control my laughter and then people are just looking at me and I still can't stop. But I shouldn't complain, laughing is better than crying. Just know that if you make me laugh then.. I love you!
Quite a few of my posts mention tea. Which I drink. Plenty of. Whenever I can. It's an English thing. I used to hate the sutff, now quite the opposite. If I could choosed one dirnk to drink for the rest of my life it would be tea. Most probably definitely. So if you people ever invite me to come and giggle and be random with you, then just remember, i'll expect a brew ;-)
Anyway, this post is coming to an end, as it's late and i've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, yet again!
So, goodbye! xo

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