Tuesday, 17 April 2012

In which i have become obsessed

Oh, i just have to comment on  ^ ^ just too cute.
You in love yet? I am.. with owls. In fact ive come to realise that i'm pretty much obsessed. (hence the title) Just ask my sisters. ;-) I dont know what it is about them, whether its the beautiful big beady eyes, the mysteriousness, there 'wise' meaning, the fact that they live by night. I dont know. But anyway, owl always love them! So much that i might go for an owl themed wedding day!? Nahh, just kidding but then again who knows! We'll see. Now I'm on the lookout for... an owl mug. Super. Hmmm. Also anybody got any topics you want me to blog on/give my opinion on? That'd be interesteing! Either text me (if your one of the lucky ones with my number :-P) or email me or comment below.

Owls are legend. x



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