Tuesday, 24 April 2012

100 Days of summer

Guess what!?

This is my 100th blog post..... ahhhh. This is why i first started blogging:
It was about just after i had been taken out of school for the third time in my life to be homeschooled, but the times before i had been taken out of Primary School, but this time I had been taken out of high school, gosh i hated that place, and when i left there, i began to think and i looked back at what i'd seen and experience in that school - Pure hell. It was just :-0 Since going to high school, i admit, i began to go off track. I began to start acting like the other worldly, trashy girls. I walked away from trying to be a pure daughter of the king but i didnt realise it at the time, i could go into detail about the kinda stuff i saw and got myself into but im not going to.

Anyway mum found an 'American Christian home schooling mommy blog' and really enjoyed reading it and all about there children and she found out that they had a daughter who also blogged and she was around the same age as me. So mum suggested i read it. So i did and i was blown away, it was amazing, so funny, honest, different and Godly, it was so strange to see a young teenage christian girl sharing her love for christ so openly. And then through her blog i found other girls like her, christian, teenager, homeschooled. blah di bla.. so i read through loads of different blogs that day. It so inspired me, and i began to feel refreshed and fed (with spiritual food) but i also felt guilty.. why arent i like that? Why am ashamed to share my love for christ? Why dont i speak out? How could i go so off track? I felt so bad. But GOD THE AWESOME GUY, WAS THERE WAITING TO HEAL THE HURT, TO RESTORE ME, TO OPEN MY EYES. and he did! Because he's so great, all i had to do was ask. I prayed and spent time soaking up Gods word and glued myself to these girls blogs. They were so good for me and i began to notice a difference in myself. I was happy, I felt better, I was being blessed, I was closer to God. Amazing. 

But i started to see the other worldly girls walking through the street in their mini-skirts and high heels, swearing, hangin off guys with cigarettes. They were so lost and these girls are crying out for an answer but they dont know where to go or what they should do. I want to some how encourage girls and to inspire them as i was inspired by other girls blogs, If i could get back on to the straight and narrow path through someones blog then i'd love mine to have the same impact on someones, i try to blog about fun stuff but include God in it all. 
So i decided to start blogging myself, just about life, family, fun stuff and most importantly God. I also want my future children to read this, especially my daughter(s), i want them to read about the struggles i went and go through and how Gods picked me up and about all my family and i want them to know that when they're going through stuff, there is a way out. I want them to learn form my mistakes and live life to the full, with God on their side.
So thats why.

Oh, peeps, its nearly summer! Which means..


You just have to have gummy bears!

Life life to the full!....with a secret stash of gummy bears to make it even better.

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