Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh. The things you do when your bored.

After buying snacks and some other naughty but yummy treats, me and the two random tag-alongs...I mean um..the two lovely friends that accompanied me, snooke into church and went into the back baby room while some other people were having a prayer meeting in the main room(the room where the Sunday services and most of the meetings take place)
..we were cold..and hungry..and tired..

So we sat there with only some light coming from a little heater which we gathered around, just the three of us eating 'sensations' crisps..yumm!
And then we all felt a little bad about not joining the others in the prayer meeting, so we decided to have our own little prayer meeting, so we each prayed a little and then no one did, everyone stopped, we were all tired, there was silence.

I was looking around the room awkwardly, Rebekah kept her head down and Hannah stared at her feet.
We were bored, no idea what to do to entertain ourselves that wasn't messy and wouldn't make to much noise :S

So here's what happened next:

We all had our feet in front of the little electric heater.

Hannah- "Oh wow, that looks so nice"
Rebekah- "What does?"
Hannah- " Our feet"
Me- "Our feet? What do you mean?"
Hannah- "Look at our feet, dosnt that make a lovely picture?"
Me- "Ermmm?"
Hannah- "Yeah, with the light shining on our feet, it'd make a cool picture!!"
We all grinned knowingly and grabbed our bags and got out our phones to take 'some' snaps. ¦-)


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