Sunday, 31 March 2013

And on life goes.

Hello you people who actually still read my blog, even though I've been quiet on here again. Yeah, lets not talk about that, okay?
So, last week, it was my birthday, which means i had to celebrate a day of basically...getting old. Yes, fun times. I ate a lot and i mean a lot of good food, too much really, but you know, your only young once and all that. Right?
Last Thursday I finished college for the Easter holiday, yes finally, I'm just hoping the good old sun decides to appear sometime soon for us. So I have two free weeks now and absolutely nothing planned. Grand. Well nothing overly exciting. But, we do have a sponsored charity walk this Thursday that I'm doing with a bunch of crazy youth from church. So i guess i do have something to look forward to.
Who else feels like they don't have a life sometimes? I said that to someone the other day, and they were like, "But you do! You have Jesus!" and all that, so yeah, i should quit complaining and start rejoicing everyday...ya know, rejoicing, with loud music and gummy bears, and mental emotions where i cry about what a mess i  feel and then laugh uncontrollably with joy of Gods awesomeness. Yeah, that kinda rejoicing.
So yeah, i shall try and talk more. #Don'tSpeakTooSoon
And oh my life, Happy Easter guys!
- Jesus is alive - #ohyes

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