Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The old has gone, the new has come!

Last year taught me a lot. I'll admit, it was a very hard year, i went through a crazy amount of pain. Even just thinking about it can get to me, so that's why I'm determined not to look back but to keep looking forward. Gods got big plans! So i don't wanna miss anything while I'm too busy lingering about in the past.
Last year, a big thing i learnt was trust. I learnt how important trust really is. I was shown that i can't trust just anybody but only one or two special souls. Which I've managed to find :-)
I've also found that telling people everything is not necessary, if only i told God everything and ran to him every time something happened. God's got this amazing way of settling me and filling me full of a dreamy peace, and i then realise that what i think is massive at the time, is not really, it's a tiny little blockage trying to get in the way of my happiness and relationship with God, which is why its sooo important to take it to God!
In the midst of last years crazy happenings, i drew closer to God. Which is like, amazing! I had to really, I couldn't do a lot else but seek God and and grow nearer and closer to him, which is what he wants, so that he can do the same with me. In doing so, i felt freer to do so much more, i could unashamedly worship him and make his name known and be a light where i go. Which is what i want to continue to do. So i gotta stay closer and closer.
Anyway, I'm actually really happy right now and i don't ever want this feeling to go, like ever. To get to this place where i am now, has taken a lot of work and its not been easy. I've been longing for this deep happiness and contentment that I'd been seeking. I wanted to face everyday with a positive attitude, which i now do. (most of the time!) *wink*
I have my awesome God, my amazing and loving family and i have one or two incredible friendships! Which I'm soooo thankful for! :-)
Here's to 2013 and the rest of our lives!
2 Corinthians 5:17


  1. Good post! You have a lovely blog! I was happy to stumble upon it!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Thank you for your comment :-)
    Saff xo


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