Saturday, 15 December 2012

This is Christmas

Today I wrote a song with my friend about how God gave his all for us, though we are not perfect or worthy, but God still gave it all for his because he loves us so much. Yeh, t'was an awesome moment.
I seem to be really cold lately, well, it is December, i'm just waiting for the snow now, which will erm, be even colder....but, it will feel even more Christmassy! So that's good.
Lately, i've been thinking about how much i love those few people who i hold close to me, my family and a handful of other people. Of course i love everybody, but there's some people who mean a lot to me, who i can trust and feel happy being with and those people who pray with me and encourage me and make me laugh and make me cups of tea and listen to music with me. I love all that stuff and i love those people.
This week is gonna be full of seeing family and friends, wrapping gifts, playing Christmas songs repeatedly, getting all my college work done before I finish on Friday (yay!), and trying to glorify God in anyway I can.
We have a saviour - go listen. :-)
God's good :-)

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