Sunday, 21 October 2012

The sun is rising.

I've been wondering around just pondering and thinking about God, people, life, faith, prayer...I guess I've had a lot on my mind and had a lot of torment that I'm not what i should be and the enemy has been using people to get to me and try and pull me down rather than build or lift me up.
When i look back at these past few weeks, they seem to be full of all that rubbish, all that rubbish that i shouldn't have been carrying around with me, just things that people had said to me that I'd been holding onto. Or things that I'd felt or seen, i just wasn't letting go of, i was praying and forgiving and releasing and giving it to God then taking it back again and letting it get to me, which i know was like stupid. It's crazy how much stuff that we let get to us, isn't it!? Even just the little things. I laugh about it now. lol. But it is quite crazy really.
But also in these past few weird weeks, God has been working in me and changing and molding me into the daughter he wants me to be. Which can sometimes be scary because you can feel yourself changing and you feel different and you want to tell everyone but you cant always really explain what Gods doing in you because you cant see it but you know its happening because you can feel it! Incredible!
God has been using people to bless me and touch me and speak to me too. Different speakers have given words that have spoken to me. About two weeks ago me and some of my friends went to a meeting to hear a Guy preach (Bishop Eddie) and we all got prayed for and i got really emotional and just cried, then laughed, then cried some more then kept laughing! Then i got the amazing chance to see Hannah get filled with the Holy Spirit and get really touched too which really blessed me!

Then this week a guy called Peter Gladwin (see website) came to speak at our church and his testimony is so amazing, and he gave me a word that God had given him at the end too which really just blew my mind!
Then the worship that Daniel was leading was brilliant too, i love worshipping God and its great to see how God is using Daniel to lead people into worship in such a way! True worship is amazing!
So there's a lot happening, all good, all different, all exciting!
"The sun is rising"
"People get ready"

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