Thursday, 25 October 2012

.at this time.

:at this time of year:
.i'm looking forward to being able to wear oversized baggy jumpers.
.cups of hot chocolate in the evening.
.those long walks with lovely people.
.extra warm cuddles.
.open fires.
.long, cold nights.
.unexpected get-togethers.
.hugg boots.
.frothy coffee and chocolate digestives.
.inspiring bible studies.
.wearing guys jackets, so you feel all nice and warm.
.playing gentle songs on piano.
.goosebumps and shivers.
.thick cosy socks that go up to your knees.
.wind blowing through hair.
.movie nights.
.big blankets.
.endless cups of tea.
.rosy cheeks.
.sparkly eyes that light up when someone smiles at you.
.writing new songs with the girls.
.literally 'chilling' with friends.
.hot water bottles at night..and day.
.lots of writing.
.loads and loads of big pillows.
.cocoa and coconut body butter.

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