Thursday, 27 September 2012

You Only Live Once

Taking silly photos with sisters // YOLO

Eating a whole pack of ginger nut biscuits for breakfast // YOLO

Walking around the park in the rain without shoes on and deliberately walking through deep puddles // YOLO

Talking to random people in random places about random things // YOLO

Singing really loud with your headphone in on public buses // YOLO

Making up crazy dances with sisters // YOLO

Shouting "FIRE" in the middle of a conversation with amazing freinds // YOLO

Drinking 17 cups of tea in a day // YOLO

Using lots of different coloured lipsticks so i can have multi coloured lips // YOLO

Staying awake all night // YOLO

Asking God to give you wings so you can fly // YOLO

Giving those extra-special people extra-special cuddles // YOLO

Reading till your eyes hurt // YOLO

Sneezing competitions // YOLO 

*sigh*.......and i think to myself what a wonderful, crazy, random, pretty world.


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