Monday, 10 September 2012

Little things and a bit of a ramble...

Guess what, im feeling thoughtful again, seriously, why doesn't my mind just stop for a little holiday? lol. Its like when im lying in bed at night and im trying to sleep and then my mind just gets flooded with thoughts and i end up faffing about things i forgot to do or conversations that i had with people, or things that are going to happen soon and all that kinda stuff. Its kinda crazy, so then i cant sleep, so i sometimes get some paper and a pen and quickly just write it all down and then i can just leave it there and write at the bottom of the paper.. "Pray about it". So then sometime daaaaays later ill find that scrap of paper and read the silly list and i see the bottom of the paper where it says to pray about it, so i do. I either do that - write it all down then pray or write a song cus thats good and you can sing about everything and add silly little tunes and hummms and lalalas.
So yeh, ooh, that was a little long and rambly, i dont even know why i said all that but im leaving it now cus im tired and need some sleep (too many late nights..)

So yeh...little things...
I love it when those little things in your day make you smile,

. When a person doesn't let go from a hug even after you do.
. Backrubs
. Waking up in a good mood.
. Sleeping with the windows open in the summer.
. Finally seeing someone you've missed.
. Laughing all of a sudden because you remembered something funny.
. Handwritten messages inside greeting cards.
. When someone pronounces your name correctly
. The smell of the ocean.
. Finding a song that describes exactly what you feel.
. Perfectly toasted bread.
. Receiving good advice.
. Unexpected compliments.
. Finally arriving at your destination after a long journey. 

There a few little things that have stood out to me the past few days!

Anyway, now here's a bit of a ramble about college, so i was like really scared about college, it just sounded big and scary and big and weird and big. Cus im 14 and all the other students there are like 16+. So im like the youngest there. Eee. Scary thought. Buuuut, actually college is great, its really good. It still is a bit nerve-wrecking sometimes, especially, as i dont know anyone there apart from my brother so when i walk in a classroom everyone just like, stares. lol. But ah well. It'll be fine. God's put me there and i know he's with me. So its good :-) The only downer about college is that, i cant have any late nights, cus i have to be up at like 6:30am in the morning so i cant stay up late, cus i tried that and uh, it didnt work, i was so tired and i still am but slowly im learning, so i have to make myself be in bed for a certain time, lol. 

That's enough rambling from me.
Have a blessed week bro's and sis's!


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