Monday, 24 September 2012

A thoughtful line or two (okay maybe more!)

"We cry out to God, who we cannot see God, and sometimes we doubt who we really believe in. We are to hold tight to what we know of the true and living God, even when we think no one hears us. God is always by our side, or omnipresent, whether we see it or not. We are never alone when we have our faith tied to Christ. I encourage myself and you all to remember that when things are going downhill in our lives, when we think life is meaningless, or even when we think no one cares. Hold tight to your faith!"
- Joshua Tran

"These two things I know. That I fail so many times in my life, I make mistakes, I fall, I'm human. But my God is ever constant, ever loving, never changing, His love for me is endless and His forgiveness without description. I am loved with an everlasting love...and His perfect love casts out fear. LORD, I stand in awe of who You're making me to be...and in amazement of Your great love for me. ♥" -Raquel Duarte

I feel like im lost somewhere out in sea, like ive fallen asleep by the shore and the waves have just swept me away and their now crashing all over me. Which has left me sore and bruised, not everything is amazing. Its not all pretty and laadi da presently. I dont even fully understand it all myself, in fact, i cant even think of a single bit of it that i understand. Yesterday i just found it all really hard, i tried to talk to people about it but that didnt really work, so i thought perhaps i should be talking to God about it. So i went for a long walk, even though it was wet and cold out, i didnt care, i just needed to go. So i walked through the fields and prayed and talked to God out-loud and told him everything, even though he already knows, it just felt good to get it out. Then i prayed a whole lot. Then it started getting kinda dark so i thought it'd be wise to go back home. So once back, not long after, i went to bed, though i didnt sleep much but ah well. This morning was alright, i felt fine, but then i let the enemy get in again and when i was back home after college, it was like whoosh, and it all came back. It hurt, like a alot and i perhaps said some things that i shouldn't have said to my family. I'm just trying to drink lots of tea and keep quiet and relax and sing to God now. So im asking you, to please spare a prayer? Just that i get some peace.. love you all xox

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