Thursday, 28 July 2011

Live,Life,Loud! (Guest blogger Chloe)

Hey everyone! Okay just to let y'all know I'm not saff, I'm Chloe from Chloesbiglife or before the sunsets so yeah. Okay any who.....
 Saff asked me to guest blog after she blogged on Chloesbiglife so i said yeah so here i am. :) Okay so Who has all wanted to just live,life,loud?
Well i always wanted to cause i mean you only have one life so just make it the best.

So if you want to live your life loud Jump!!! Just get up and Jump Jump Jump!!! i hope you just jumped. Haha. I love jumping it's the best thing to do when you want to just feel good or go crazy with your best buddys.
Okay next i want you to turn on some Hawk Nelson and Dance!!!!! Oh yeah Dance Dance Dance!!! Have a dance party, have your friends over and just Dance!!!!
Next turn on your fave song and sing. Just sing your heart out and have so much fun. I love singing it's so much fun and if you know the words to the song that makes it even better. Oh and i sing the most when I'm doing the dishes but that's just me. :)
Okay and at the end of the day just hang out with some friends. Have a sleepover go to the mall a movie or just have them over for a day of fun and play some football (boys) Or go shopping (girls). You can have the best life if you just make it the best and make it fun for you and other people that you love and care about.
I hope you all have the best life and i hope y'all Live, Life,Loud!!!
Love to all of y'all from Chloesbiglife. And don't forget to come by my blog and read, comment and follow.:)

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  1. Great post Chloe!I ♥ Hawk Nelson!And I jump when I am excited :) This is a great happy active post!I'll have to follow it when I have a sleepover or I'm at a sleepover :)
    ♥ you girly!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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