Saturday, 31 March 2012

σκέψης σχετικά με τις νέες

σκέψης σχετικά με τις νέες - Greek.
Lately ive been thinking, a new year in my life started on Tuesday 27th March. Been thinking about, that word 'new'. Ive made a whole lot of mistakes in the past and i still do and i dont want to carry on like that, now dont get me wrong, im not saying that i will never ever make a mistake in my life again, because boy, you bet i will. Not that im planning on or just expecting too, but lets face it, i am gonna make mistakes. 
But hallelujah ive got a God who'll forgive me, who'll pick me up when i fall, who'll love me no matter what i do, a God who will give me the strength to say "No", watch over me and keep me safe. Thats amazing, just typing that all out and then reading it, makes me thing "gosh, he really does all that.. for me" amazing. I want to feel different, to feel new in this next year in my life. I want something to happen. I'd like to see a change. I want to be awakened.

 Μέχρι την επόμενη φορά ....

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