Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I got a little annoyed today. I got wound up by a silly little thing. Yeah.
I also got a little emotional today, happy emotion i mean, i felt different and slightly refreshed today. I know what i mean. Life can be hard a times, well in fact very hard, until you get to the point where you want to scream and run away to Narnia. Nine people living in the same house as me, which seven of them are children, all younger than me apart from one, Oliver. Trying to focus on school work and education and trying to avoid distractions and concentrate. Trying to deal with feelings. Trying to trust in God and know that I've no need to worry because he's in control. Its hard.

But the good things, living nine people, which seven of them are children, oh my word, its so crazy but so fun! always something to smile or laugh at. I'm home-schooled, which is awesome, i get to do so much and learn a variety of subjects. Seriously, home-schooling rocks! I've learnt that telling somebody how you really feel isn't such a bad thing, wow, did i just say that? gosh yeh, but its true, sometimes it can actually do good and certainly creates a better understanding. Knowing that ive got God, who is just the bomb, he's got everything in his hands.


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