Friday, 23 September 2011

The little thing in life. ( guest blogger Chloe)

Hey everyone, I'm Chloe from "Chloesbiglife/Before the sunsets" Saff asked me to guest blog for her cause she has been so busy.... Any who.... I always think of the things that make me smile and alot of stuff does! Here is one of them.

Yes i love hugs. Every time i hug my best friend i feel full of joy in my heart, i love it. Every week i get about 100 hugs from friends... lol... It's awesome!

Next we have the three words that make me smile when I'm feeling a it sad.
Yes it's "i love you" I love this because when someone say they love me, then i know they are amazing to me. All of my friends say they love me and i love them with all my heart. I couldn't live with out them.
Next we have ....
 I just had to put this... Ice cream might just be yummy at times but it helps if you have a broken heart or when ever. So that another thing that makes me smile.:)
I love everything that i just blogged about it's amazing how alot of stuff can make you smile when your feeling a bit down and sad. So i hope you liked the post.:) 
Come see my blog at soon and take a look. 
I would love that and comment i love comments.:)))


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