Tuesday, 5 July 2011

there must be something in the air.....

At the moment it feels like nearly everyone i know is either pregnant, just had a baby or getting married!!! talking of getting married....erm by the way,no im not getting married, im talking about someone else...so dont get any ideas!!!!    anyway two of my gorgeous friends are getting married....
                                                                  so bride to be #1

Jenna-getting married 19th May 2012

  bride to be #2
   sarah-getting married 27th october 2011

i cant wait!!! and ive chosen a gorgeous dress to wear to both....... dont worry i will definitely do a post on each wedding with pictures of the happy couple and of course the brides dress!!!
i cant wait!!! im so excited, i love weddings and as sarah is getting married in october this year we got the invitation come through the post today!!!! i was beaming as i read it :)
 im sure they will both look like gorgeous gals in there wedding dresses.....xx

so anyway thats it from me sooooooooooooooooo
bye from me,,,,, oh sian had to come in this picture too!! x
 cya girls xxxxxx

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  1. Love your blog!! I just read this post tonight - can't wait to read your posts about their weddings!! Just wondering - how old are each of the brides-to-be? They look really young!:)(That's a good thing :) - just wondering...:)

    ~Rachel <3


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