Thursday, 7 July 2011

Strength and beauty in the presence of the healer

Todays post is about an album called "Strength and beauty in the presence of the healer" by Sarah Hart Pearson's.

 Sarah Hart Pearson is a beautiful christian gal with a real heart for God and her albums re really good and uplifting and powerful. She often talks about Gods beauty and your beauty and how God loves us so much.
Sarah is married to Jeremy Pearons.
 Jeremy and Sarah Pearsons have served in full time ministry together since their marriage in September of 2007. For more than a year and half they served side-by-side as ministers on staff at Eagle Mountain International Church where Jeremy worked along side his family for nearly a decade. In 2009, they entered a full-time traveling ministry as representatives of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, traveling domestically and internationally by invitation to preach, teach, and lead congregations in worship. 

Sarah often quates this - A woman VIBRANT WITH VISION is strong & beaautiful
You should check out her music she has more than one albums and she has the most amazing and beautiful voice you could ever here!

well thats it form me

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