Sunday, 12 June 2011

The crash . . .

Well we've got a new mini-bus on the way . . ... . . . . hallelujah! 

I dont think i told you about our little crash, did i?

Well about a month ago me and dad were on our way to Burton-upon-Trent because dad had some business there and i was supposed to be stopping over at a friends house there, i was really excited and had everything i needed packed.

So we were driving along and we went round the roundabout and what happened next i didnt expect .... 

As we went round the corner all i could see was trees in front of us and we were going down..... i seemed to be screaming for ages but it only happened in a few seconds. Then we stopped and there was a big crash and i felt shaken and was seeing stars but i didnt feel hurt or injured in any way, dad was fine and asked me how i was and i said i felt a bit scared and dizzy. 

The front window was smashed and the front of the bus was completely crushed. A man came and opened the door which was slightly crushed and asked us if we were ok and helped us get out. When we were out there was a quite a few cars stopped and people standing around and asking if we were ok and telling us what had happened, we'd skidded as we came of the roundabout and went straight down into a ditch. I couldn't believe it had happened, i had never been in a crash and i was just thankful that we weren't injured and no one else was involved. 

We phoned the police and eventually everyone left us and we waited for the police to come, when they came they got a truck for us and  they got the bus out of the ditch for us and kept it for us and we soon found out that the bus had been written off, i ran mum and my friend and told them everything, my mum was worried but pleased we were all right. Dad called my aunty and uncle and they came in their little van and made us a cup of tea and took us home. 

They were amazing and really looked after us. Goodness, what a day we had . . . .. . .. .. .. . .... . . 


  1. I love the Heart. And that is a scary thing to happen! But i love the blog.:)

  2. yes i love the heart too! Yes it was REALLY SCARY!!!!
    thanx for accepting my friend request on facebook
    :) saff xx

  3. Ur so welcome!:) And i was in a car crash not to long ago to, and it was so scary, but we were all ok in the end.:)

  4. Btw Here's my Email so if you want you can email me ( :)

  5. Oh my!!! So scary...thank God your okay! Love you, girly!

    By the way...I awarded you on my blog, go check it out!!!<3



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