Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Those people called friends.

lol, dont ask why its called fruity friends, because seriously.... i dont know . . .haha! but it is about friends . . .
Ok, so dont ya just love friends??? i do, especially new friends, there awesome. :)
A few weeks ago i made friends with a new Godly Girly - Mary(Sue Sue)
Isn't she gorgeous!!??
 Yepp, i told you!
Although she lives at completely the opposite end of the earth to me :( were still friends which is great . .  and even though i dont know EVERYTHING about her, i know that she is gorgeous, Godly, talented and funny! WOW!!! <3

What i want to see in a friend is honesty, Godliness, purity, humour and true friendship, which mary has!!
Anywayyyyy so friends are the best, we couldnt live without them and think about it, if we didnt have friends we wouldnt know ANYBODY!!!! (pannic attack)

If you want to visit marys amazing blog go to http://suesuesstories.blogspot.com

Luv ya Godly Girlys!!!

Stay strong and know that God loves ya,


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  1. Awwwww...this is soooo sweet! I don't deserve all the sweet things you said about me!:) I love you, girly! Thank you for being my amazing friend<3


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