Saturday, 17 November 2012


Hiya, I thought i'd write a post because for some reason, Stutrday seems to be the best day for posting for me. I've been wanting to do another "Midnight musings" post for a while now, but, i just get too tired. Also, ive been looking for post ideas and pictures and inspirtation, ya'know, things to write about. But, not found a great lot yet, so if my posts are a little boring to you then, sorry. But sometimes i will just ramble on about things a bit, but thats what i do and that is what this blog is about, i write lots and lots about pretty much everything, because i want to read this in a few years time when my life will have changed so much. I'm sure it will be very interesting, ha.
Last night, was well it was Friday night, so it was youth group! As usual it was really really crazy :-) At one point, it was cool becasue us girls or the WILD crew, started singing and harmonising. Which we do a lot of. We enjoy it like a lot.
Tonight, i cannot, Zsara, Zezi, Hannah, Zani, Cassie, Kieron, Callum, Dan, Oliver, Micheal, Cory, Kyran and Ashley are going to a concetr! (see here). Loads of guest speakers/singers are gonna be there. Whoop! (LZ7!) Yeh, im excited. Dont think i can wait till tonight..
Anyway, i'm sure we will all take millions of pictures, so ill be sure to put them on here soon. Have a blessed day.
Be Happy. Stay Happy.

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