Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fully consumed

>>>Over the past few months, I've just begin to realise how much i want and need more of God. So many times i put other things in the way, things that causes blockages, stopping me from getting closer to God, not intentionally, but without even knowing. But i just can't do that any more.
I'm tired of just going round in the same cycle, one week getting really excited and fired up about God and living the right way for him, then the next week, having a bit of a downer and doing things that perhaps aren't quite pleasing God and binging glory to his name. I don't wanna be like that anymore, i don't want to do it anymore.
I just want so much more of God, i cant even explain. I love him so so so so so much, i want to be completely consumed by him and full of him! I want him to be my absolute everything. I want my whole life to be about and for him. Everything! Instead of relying on people, i want to rely and should be relying fully on God.
As my tears begin to fall as i write this and as they have many times before, i offer them to God, asking him to take them and see that they are real, from my heart. I just love him sooo much and want to be sooo much closer. He's so amazing and he's done so much for me and so many other people. The least i can do is fully surrender my life to him.
I love you Lord, thank you for this life and help me to glorify your name more and more. Fill me up God. xox
P.s A huge thank you to Hannah for guest posting on my blog! Love you!!

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