Thursday, 16 August 2012

Holiday with family. Its good.

It's good to go on holiday, just you and your family, away from where you spend most of your time, away from the everyone and everything that your used to. It's good to just actually take-time-out and go to somewhere different for a while. So you can try new things and meet new people and relax and have fun and think and pray and just enjoy being away together as a family. I'm so pleased that my family do that, they take the time to plan holidays so we can all be together somewhere. It must be awful for those familys that dont go on holidays together, well maybe they do but not often enough, not yearly. Its because people wok i guess, they have jobs, they need to work to earn money so they can provide for there family. My mum and dad aren't workaholics, which means we dont have all the money in the world but i dont care. So im glad. Oops, im rambling again...

Here are some photos from our camping holiday in Criccieth (Wales).


A few randoms of



 ..gotta love the beach!..

Everyone loves a campfire, right? 

Ah , i love my family.

Yeh, a lot of photos, theres still more but i cant tell you how long its taken to upload the photos that are already on here, too long. Im tired now and its getting late. Gonna go get some sleep. Night guys. Oh, i read this post earlier that my friend did, its good, you should read it. (click here)

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