Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I like random silliness

You have to think about it. 
If we didnt have pizza, music, lip balm, God, bubbles, trials, tea, jeans, gummy bears, socks, laughter, annoying people, silliness, eyelashes, friends, the Bible, siblings candles, buttons, eyes, tears, fun, cookies, prayer, grass, books or randomness, life wouldn't be what it is now. 

We don't realise what we have until its gone. Hold on to what you have, dont let it go. Everything happens for a reason, even though we dont always know what that reason is. This week so far for me, had been a roller-coaster of emotions, letting little things get to me and bring me down. I shouldn't let that happen, instead of focusing on the not so good things, i should be focusing on the good things (as i talked about in an older post).

Random silliness helps, well it works for me anyway. Whether its just dancing around to music in your pjamas with your headphones in. Or hiding away in your bedroom with a secret stash of cholcolate or saying random - out of this planet phrases in the middle of a conversation with your mum.

I love it :-D  - wada, plop, swanzigadoo, bi, bop, zippy, ya.

I havent done one of these kind of posts for a while now because i wanted to focus more on writing about what God was/is doing in my life, but i think posts like these are good for the soul, to just let your silly side out once in a while is good!

I'll leave you all now with my little bit of random silliness. *smile*

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