Friday, 4 May 2012

..It's all amazing

You know, sometimes i pray that God would do something miraculously incredible in my day, that something beautiful would just fall out of the sky for me, something from God, just to let me know that he's there and he hears me. Just something to keep me going if my day inst going so well. Something fantastic, something to make me feel truly loved and blessed. Or if ive done done something wrong and feel bad and i want reassurance he still loves me. Even though i know that he does. So i go through my day and i wanna see bright colours and fireworks, i may go for a walk and when i walk round a corner just expect to see a great big bunch of colourful balloons with a note attached saying - 

But you know what? that doesn't happen. I used to look back at the end of my day at everything that had happened that day and be disappointed wondering why God didnt do something 'big and beautiful' for me. When actually he had, but i just couldn't see it. Sometimes i think we as children of God, get a little fidgety and perhaps... a little silly? I hate to say that but i think we do. We forget that there are other people in the world who really need a 'big and beautiful thing' from God, like people who have just come to Christ, they need that big reassurance, we dont. While were too busy looking for the 'big and beautiful' things from God in our day, we are missing the sweet little things from God. Things like:

-Gods protection when you go out of the house,

-When a car stops to let you cross the road,

-When you go to the check out in a supermarket and get something cheaper than it it was supposed to be,

-When you wake up to the sun shining through the window,

-When someone does the most amazing guest post ever!,
(Thank you Rebekah!)

-When someone sends you the kinda scripture that you need at that exact moment,

-When you just feel Gods peace around you,

..Its all amazing!

I think we need to just be thankful what we have and for all the things that God does do for us in our day. So instead of complaining and feeling like you have a lack of Gods love or blessings, think. Think about your day, and remember those sweet little God things/moments and write them down, it'll help you. It helped me thats why i did it. Im gonna start thanking God for all the sweet little things he does for me each day. Why dont you? (If you dont already) and just watch, i bet you'll be even more blessed and the 'sweet little things' from God will start to become a lot more obvious and you'll be amazed.

..It's all amazing! :-)

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