Saturday, 10 December 2011

I SO love this time of year!!!!

*sigh* I'd SO love one of these right now....dont'cha just love that pic?

I just SO had to put this quote on...

'Find time to realize that God is everywhere with you and it's not just about fitting him into 15 minutes a day. you can find him all day, whether you're in class, whether it's STARBUCKS. it doesn't matter what you're doing, serve Him.' Hayley Williams quotes 

Last Christmas i had two different pairs of them, one black pair and one grey pair! lol !!! i SO need to get some! 


I'm SO happy!...and why? -because- It's officially 'utra-narnia-season'!!!!! whoop whoop!!


^ OH ^ MY ^ GOSH ^ ! ^ ! ^ ! ^ *BLINKS A FEW TIMES TO CHECK IF IT'S REAL* :D SO nice!
Actually im about due for one of those...oh! but you have to try it with cream and marshmallows and sprinkles, and any other deliciously - yummy things!
If your mouth is watering at the minute and you think that your going to die if you dont have one (which you probably will)(no, im serious, you havent lived till you try one!) then click here for a simple recipe!
See i really do love you!

^ SO cute   ^

Arhh, wow dont you just SO love this time of year?

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  1. Oh I've missed your blog Saff! this post is so pretty. And the quote went perfectly with that picture! I prefer my hot chocolate with whip cream...and a peppermint stick if possible :) Ugg! I have been wanting one for sooo long. And that one picture and the train station....I found that a while ago and just loved it! Ahh snow :) Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful ♥ (Cause You Are!)


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