Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I'm a work in progress

So recently i've been doing a lot of stuff.

But lets skip some of the boring stuff and move on to something really interesting that i did...
I got to see this girl sing in a concert

Yes, Philippa Hanna, for those who have heard of her or know her-you will know how amazing she is for those who dont know her or havent heard of her before - heres a little information about her..

'Philippa Hanna is one of the UK's brightest talents. Her songs and stories are captivating audiences around the globe with her passion for Christ.
Taking in over 100 performances each year since the launch of Watching Me in 2007 it’s clear that Philippa is following in the footsteps of the of her bassist brother Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson) by making her mark in the music industry. Not only devoting her time to music, Philippa visited Haiti in 2009 with international children's charity Compassion and has helped to recruit hundreds of sponsors for the charity's work at her concerts since the launch of her 2nd album Taste.'

I went to see and here her sing with my lovely friend Hannah (btw you should check her blog out as she's new to the blogger world and could do with some encouragement)

  Anyway so me, Hannah, Oliver(my big bro) and his mate Dan all went to the swan bank church in Burslem (S-o-T, UK) to see her sing along with some other guy (who i can't remember the name of!) we had a fantastic time and all absolutely loved it and to make it even more perfect us 4 got to go to KFC for some yummy chicken+chips before the concert started. yumyum!!

I hadn't really heard of Philippa Hanna before though until i saw her in concert...i really enjoyed it and i especially loved her song 'Work in progress' (hence the title.)
You can check out some of her videos on youtube, there great too!
Anyway how are you all? and do you have any suggestions on what i can blog about? as i dont wanna just ramble on about my type of stuff - i want to write about things worth reading! so just comment below or email me if you have any suggestions!

oh, and one more thing go check out this giveaway at lilies among thorns(click here). they have some fab prizes!!!


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