Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Interview with Sierra..

I asked Sierra from Keep growing beautiful if i could interview her and guess what she said?...yes!
Thanks Sierra! 

#1 I'm really please you've agreed to do this interview with me, have you done any other blog interviews before? Well I'm happy that you had me! I may have...it seems like in the back of my mind I might have. I honestly can't remember. If I was it was only once.

#2 You are the authoress of 'Keep Growing Beautiful', when did you first start blogging and what inspired you to start the blog? I started blogging in September 2009. My mom had just started her blog a couple months ago and thought I would like it.I kinda started it for fun, but now I see it as a way to improve my writing, share my writing and beliefs and make a lot of cool friends.

#3 Why is Philippians 4:8 so important to you? and what makes it your life verse? Well I had read in a book about life verses and I thought it sounded pretty cool. My mom bought a Bible cover with some of the verse stitched into it and I checked it out and I really liked it. It tells us that we should focus on what is right and trustworthy.Thinking about pure and lovely things. It really encourages me...thinks in life can get me down and this reminds me of what is truly important.

#4 Are you more of a loud and excited person or more of a quiet and shy person? I do get excited(I jump up and down...literally) and I am shy sometimes. I can be quiet and loud. Honestly I've always though of myself as in the middle. I used to be more shy but I came out a couple years ago.

#5 Tell us a bit about your siblings? :)  Well I am the oldest of four(yes it is fun) and I have a brother and some sisters. One of my sisters is kinda like me but more so. She is a little drama queen and will be a handful when she gets older :P My other sister is quiet and is a great artist. My brother is lego crazed and that is saying enough ;)

#6 If you were given $/£1000 what would you do with it? I'd put it away in the bank for college.

#7 If you could do anything when your older (job) what would it be? Librarian. I've always wanted to be one. I'm going to try to be one once I can drive.

#8 I've read that you love to read! Tell us about your favourite book and why its your favourite book! I could not pick one.I have so many that I love. What I like in a book though, is a clean story, with some funny parts. A good plot and honourable characters. It should pull me and make me want to read into the night. I also might have a think for Christian historical Fiction...

#9 If you saw a girl who was crying in the street because she felt unloved and worthless, what would you say to her? I would tell her that she has a wonderful father who thinks of her so very much. That she is princess and very dearly loved by her father the king. And that if she goes to him, running to his arms, everything will be right again.

#10 What does God mean to you? Help. Peace. Safe place. Protector. Lover. Father. Divine King. Joy. Hope. Redemption.  A friend with unconditional love. Everything.

#11 3 things that make you smile....  Puppies.(that is a universally answer!) Books. And my great friends.

#12 Do you agree/believe in waiting for your true prince to come rather than dating any guy that smiles at you? I am so definitely waiting for my Prince.Because he will be wonderful, hand picked by God and someone who will love me until we die. It can be hard not to feel special to whatever guy smiles at me and makes me feel special...but a smile doesn't last forever and through hard times. So I'm waiting.

Great answers Sierra! Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

Saff <3

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  1. Well thank you for interviewing me! I had a lot of fun and you asked some great questions! Just saw that you are signed with Booksneeze(love them!) their are pretty cool aren't they?
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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