Sunday, 28 August 2011


 (...yeah, completely random photo ^)

First of all i want to thank Mary from Sue Sues Stories for looking after my blog while i was away, i really appreciated it and you did a great job girl!
1. Favorite Sport: erm... i love badminton and love to play it with my family.
2. A good name for a Dog: Duke or pippa
3. Favorite Animal: white tiger

4. Favorite Subject in School: home skills, history
5. Favorite Drink: cream of soda and smoothies
6. Last Song You Heard: hanging on by Britt Nicole
7. Do you like to make people laugh?: :s well i try to make people laugh but most of the time it just turns into a big fail :(
8. Favorite Color: oh! bright yellow and shiny silver

9. Favorite Hobby: reading and baking and trying out new hairstyles!!!!!
10: School Grade You are in: err.. well if i was at school i would be in year/grade 8, but im home schooled. so yeah..

11. Last movie you saw in theaters: hmmmm *deep in thought* i cant remember, its been a while since i went to the cinema/theatre.
12. Favorite Season: winter
13. Favorite pair of shoes: my gorgeous healed cow-boy boots - love them!

14. Favorite Fruit: grapes and oranges

15. What are you excited about: ooo! going to my cousins wedding in October =D
16. Last thing you were sick with: a cold i think....

17. Last thing you bought: a pair of high heels

18: Farthest you've been away from home: London, UK
19. Last name you said: mum

20: Least Favorite Food: mushrooms and marmite - eww! ha ha

Thanks for tagging me Mary!!

I'll be doing another post tomorrow, so make sure you check back - oh and dont worry i'll be doing 'my big holiday post with lots of pictures' sometime later this week :))
Now i'll leave you with a picture that i thought was real cute - 
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