Monday, 8 August 2011

My Song. (Guest blogger Chloe)

Hey everyone,It's me Chloe from Chloesbiglife. So Saff and i are guest blogging on each others blogs this week, And we're going to blog about a fave song. So my fave song is "Born Again" By Newsboys.

This has to be the best song ever made! I've seen the Newsboys about 4times and i loved it so much! I hope they come back to Ft.Worth soon cause i would love to see them again.


"This is what it is,

This is who i am,

This is where i finally take my stand. I didn't want to fall but i don't have to crawl.

I met the one with two scarred hands"


That's just some of the song but as you can see it's amazing! Can i get a Amen? *AMEN*! haha. Best song ever right? Any who.... I'm Chloe as some of you know I'm from Chloesbiglife/beforethesunsets. So come stop by the blog and read and comment and even follow.:)

So lets give it up for the "Newsboys"!!!!!!! I love you all! have an amazing week. And i hope you liked the blog and come by and take a look at Chloesbiglife. See ya later. :)


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  1. Newsboys are awesome!A bit different without peter :( But still awesome! And I'm soooo jealous! You got to see them four times!Great guest post!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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