Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Guest Poster:Sierra:You Are Beautiful

Hi you guys!
Saff asked me to do a guest post, my first ever!
So thanks for the experience Saff!
Yesterday I read an awesome article form LAT (Lilies Among Thorns) the article, 

A New View On The Old Me~ By Emily Ciszewski 

 was about a girl who didn't think anyone liked her.Or that any guy could like her, that anyone noticed her.I know that we have all had one of those days.Where we criticize our feet, hair, face, skin, weight or something like that. I used to think my stomach was big, which it wasn't and that I had the worst hair on earth.I don't.I just have some thinker and sometimes frizzy hair.And I can find hairstyles that will work with it and make it look great.In the article the girl, Allyson, had a friend who told her that she was beautiful.And that just really gave her a boost.Well if you are feeling down today, here is your boost.

God made you just the way you are for a reason.It maybe something big or small but he loves you and when you see his plans you will be amazed. When you look back sometimes you may see that through a hard time God strengthened you gave you confidence or showed you love.Out there somewhere there is a guy that God has specially picked for you to marry and have a family with. He has planned your life out.Every tear that you shed he catches it and is with you.You are his Princess.You have a destiny.To tell people about His Great Love.And His Mercy.And to turn your cheek and be confident in Him.For nothing can hurt you.Death isn't something to be afraid of because he defeated it. So then why should you be afraid if someone says you are fat or ugly.It hurts but they are hurting more if they need to put you down to lift themselves up.Rise above them and give them a compliment.Maybe you can turn your enemies into friends if you show His Love.You are special and you are loved.No matter what the world says.No matter what everyone else says, God says you are BEAUTIFUL.


 Keep Growing Beautiful,



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