Friday, 1 July 2011

the random post about RED bathrooms

Anyway so ive been busy slaving away........ but i dont mind......because im painting!  i had to paint the bathroom RED, yes RED because we stripped the wallpaper off.....which took me..hmm..err.well lets just say- a long time!!

painting bathrooms are not as easy as it may look-oh no!

especially when you accidently (yes i said accidently not on purpose!) spill RED paint on the floor and then forget to clean it up and then it dries and i cant wipe it off and then you get into big trouble and have to sit there scrubbing the 'supposed to be white but now red' floor! :/ :/

Personally i didnt think it was a good idea....but my parents seemed to think it was! now, me, no, i just wouldn't in a million years paint any bathroom RED! no no no no no!

Even though i have to admit(deep breath) i did think it did look.....alright...ok it looked a little more than alright-when it was all finaly finished!

*sigh* life aye!?!

"Life is like a large swimming pool - it often throws you in at the deep end"

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