Saturday, 7 January 2012

It's the late at night post

Right now, I should probably be asleep like my siblings and parents but..
A) I'm not really that tired
B) at the moment I'd rather be talking to you anyway
C) its kind of in a very immature way, fun to be the only person in the household awake. ;-)

So they are my three very good excuses.
I suppose I am a little less than completely tired and not wanting to go to sleep. But not much-just a little. But it is late so I guess I should 'try' to get some sleep sooner rather than later. *sigh*
But I gotta do a few things before I fall into deep-sleep and dream-land. Oh yes.

Slippers?? ::check::
Cup of tea?? ::check::
A good book?? ::check::
Lots of cushions/pillows?? ::check::
P-jamas on?? ::check::
Hot water bottle?? ::check::
Great, now I'm prepared, so i'll have about half an hour of reading my book and then like I said, I will 'try' and get some sleep!
I know this post is post is like proper pointless and boring but pointless posts are good for the soul (as they say). :-)

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